What I do is mold walls thick, with mud.
The mud I use has straw and sand,
or sometimes gravel blended with water and soil.

Once I glaze it thick a few times
a wall appears, with texture
and all sorts of different moods.
Nothing at all like slapping on a coat of paint,
which is more like brushing on makeup one or two millimeters thick.



The things I usually use to make these walls of mud are
soil, water, three-millimeter sand, one-millimeter sand, five-millimeter straw,
one- to three-millimeter straw, straw larger than five millimeters,
Japanese paper dissolved in water, linen fibers, glue formed from melted seaweed,
gravel, coal and ink.
For expression I’ll add a bit of
dried leaves, grass, shell, iron sand, plant vines,
thread, bamboo, rope, gold leaf, silver leaf,
tree bark or mica.

泥で壁を作るとき、 私がよく使うもの

※ 土 ※ 水 ※ 3ミリの砂 ※ 1ミリ以下の砂
※ 5ミリの藁 ※ 1?3センチの藁 ※ 5センチ以上の藁
※ 水に溶かした和紙 ※ 麻の繊維 ※ 海藻を溶かした糊
※ 砂利 ※ 石灰 ※ 墨


※ 枯葉 ※ 草 ※ 貝 ※ 砂鉄 ※ 植物のツル
※ 糸 ※ 竹 ※ 縄 ※ 金箔・銀箔
※ 樹の皮 ※ 雲母

(英訳 ロバート・キャンベル氏)